Beginning Agility | Intermediate I Agility | Intermediate II Agility
Advanced and Competition Agility

Agility golden retriever at Love on a LeashAgility classes meet for 6 weeks. You are encouraged to take a puppy or basic obedience class prior to entering beginning agility. Dogs must be evaluated by an instructor to enter intermediate and advanced classes. All classes at Love on a Leash, LLC use positive motivational training methods.

Beginning Agility

This class introduces dogs to the primary obstacles used on AKC, USDAA, and NACAC agility courses, and focuses on building a solid foundation on the equipment before it is raised to competition heights.

  • A-frame
  • Chute
  • Contact Zones!
  • Dog Walk
  • Jumps
  • See Saw
  • Table
  • Tire
  • Tunnel
  • Weave Poles
  • Etiquette and Safety

Intermediate I Agility

Deva weavingThis class concentrates on the dog's drive for the equipment and introduces the owner to basic agility handling techniques. We begin to sequence two and three obstacles.

Intermediate II Agility

This class continues skills begun in Intermediate I. The owner learns more handling strategies and practices techniques introduced in the previous class. Sequencing of three to seven obstacles may be introduced, depending on the overall working abilities of the class.

Advanced and Competition Agility

These classes allow teams to practice skill-building sequences. Courses may be run and analyzed in some classes.


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